Our Story

 Creating a Community Around Good Food

Everybody knows that a good meal is delicious, but it can also be a lot of other things.

TILLIVERY is an organic extension of TILL Kitchen, our award-winning farm-inspired restaurant and community gathering place. With TILLIVERY, we want to bring our chef's kitchen to your table—so you can win back valuable free time to do what you love.

Fewer chores, more free time
We want to give you a break — at least one night each week — from meal planning, shopping and cooking. With TILLIVERY, you’ll come home to find a cooler filled with delicious fresh food that’s ready to heat and enjoy.

Easy & convenient
Customize your order weekly & we deliver it to your door. You simply re-heat, relax & enjoy the irresistible aromas filling your kitchen. Gather your family to share a special meal thats all about fun and connection … with no hectic meal preparation. 

Farm-inspired, wholesome, affordable
Our team could not be more passionate about sourcing the freshest seasonal, sustainably grown ingredients from local Colorado farmers and ranchers whenever possible.

Local community
With TILLIVERY, your meals won't be delivered in a UPS box to be microwaved in a plastic tray. We deliberately chose our neighborhood location in northeast Colorado Springs because we want to bring our local community convenient, healthy, and delicious food.  

 The Vision of TILLIVERY  

Everybody knows that a good meal is delicious, but it can also be a lot of other things.

A meal can be nutritious. It can support the local economy. It can be an expression of creativity and an entrepreneurial dream.

Your meal from TILL Kitchen is all of these things to owner Mitch Yellen, but it’s also something else. It’s a testament to the healing power of food and a memorial to his sister who used food to defy a terminal illness.

Mitch grew up in New York City with his sister, Karen. New York is known for its restaurant scene and their parents made sure the siblings got to experience the variety and excellence of its chefs.

But life is often full of surprises and Karen was diagnosed with cancer in 1992. The doctors estimated that she had six months to live … twice. Once again, good food played an important role in their lives.

Karen defied the doctors’ predictions by becoming an avid organic eater and juicer. She did a lot of research and was on the front lines of the movement to approach food as a way to heal. Her health improved.

“To what degree it was food and juicing, to what degree it was God, I don’t know.” Mitch reflects, “But it exposed me to a different way of eating.”

Mitch learned how to pay attention to food labels and to care about how additives affect the human body. He learned about processed and mass-produced food, and how difficult it is for many people to afford good food.

Karen eventually died of the cancer that put the family on a mission to optimize nutrition, but Mitch carries on her legacy with his restaurants. He bought Garden of the Gods Gourmet as an investment and grew it into the number one restaurant in El Paso County by serving high-quality, delicious meals to patrons.

From there, one thing led to another. “I thought it would be fun to do something big from scratch,” he explains when asked where he got the idea to build TILL Kitchen.

TILLIVERY is the next enterprise on the list and you can expect to see more creative, entrepreneurial ventures from Till Kitchen. Everything that comes from Till will be creative, healthy and delicious.

Whenever you eat at TILL, you probably wonder about the name. What is “TILL”? Does it refer to a till, as in a box or a cash register? No. It’s the short form of “until”.

“The name comes from the phrase, ‘Til we meet again’,” Mitch says. It’s a statement of faith and anticipation of the time when he and Karen will see each other again.

We know you’ll enjoy every meal you eat from TILL Kitchen and we look forward to serving you delicious meals that nourish the senses and the body.

‘Til we meet again.